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Pastor Ezekiel’s Testimony
of Partnership in Action

Global outreach has always been a strong passion of mine; it’s very close to my heart. I am determined to tell this world that God’s grace is sufficient on every continent, in every country, and for every person! I have been blessed with a dynamic team who shares my passion and my vision for global outreach. In various ways, we affectionately work as a team to help those in need.

Thank you, Partners, for supporting this vision! When you partner with Creflo Dollar Global Missions and sow a seed, it becomes a seed that is sown, TWICE. Yes, it becomes a TWICE sown seed! From our ministry, your seed goes on to help people who are hurting and in need of all types of resources. Therefore, allow me to give you an update on some of the work we have been doing.

Total Tribal Transformation

Several years ago, our Global Missions Team visited the Masai region of Kenya. The people there had struggled for years to take hold of their own futures. Everyone that could have helped them simply took advantage of them. Outsiders purchased and profited from their land, but always told the natives they would never have that success for themselves.

These people needed a transformation – not just of their living conditions and health, but of their minds, as well. Immediately, we jumped into action and launched a program called “Total Tribal Transformation.” We committed to empower these precious people with the ability to overcome these challenges, and to assist in providing their everyday needs like access to food, clean water, and shelter.

We know, from God’s Word, that transformation begins by renewing our minds. Through the Total Tribal Transformation Program, we started to minister God’s Word and encourage them to believe that they are not meant to just survive. God wants all of them to thrive and live a life of blessing and prosperity!

After we ministered God’s Word to them, we tackled their needs for water and food. We showed them how to dig wells, and helped fund their first clean water sources. We built greenhouses and used the new wells to supply water to their irrigation systems. The people of the Masai region learned to provide for their families and community by using the crops they grew to create an agricultural economy. We left Kenya knowing that, with our continued support and care, these people would continue to thrive.

But there’s so much more to do!

In addition to our work in Kenya, the 2020 Vision Partnership Program cares for orphans, women, and families in Thailand, India, and Haiti. Furthermore, we work to meet the needs of the local community with programs like our annual Back 2 School event, in which free health screenings are provided and thousands of backpacks filled with school supplies are distributed to families in need. Our ministry is committed to spreading the gospel on a daily basis to people like Pastor Ezekiel and his village.

Please take a moment to consider partnering with us by becoming a 2020 Vision Partner, today. For $20 a month – that’s less than $1 a day, or $5 a week – you can help us continue to send monthly ministry letters to people like Pastor Ezekiel and meet the spiritual and physical needs of people all around the world.

In His Love and Grace,

Creflo Dollar




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